Webinar: Mass Timber in Multifamily Housing

Join Multi-Housing News and Think Wood as we discuss the role of mass timber and light-frame construction in multifamily housing as a hybrid solution.

五星棋牌According to the , 3 billion people will need new housing by 2030. Wood is growing in popularity as an economical, environmentally sound and attractive alternative for low and mid-rise apartments. Hybrid projects expand the alternatives. Join Multi-Housing News and Think Wood as we discuss the role of mass timber and light-frame construction in multifamily housing.

Presentations include:

  • Codes and Climate: Why the Renewed Interest in Wood?
  • Understanding the Economic Impact of Mass Timber in Multifamily
  • Delivering on Mass Timber’s Speed in Multifamily Housing: A Case Study from the Bay Area

Webinar: Mass Timber in Multifamily Housing
Date: May 19, 五星棋牌
Time: 1:00 PM ET

Our Panel:

Ricky McLain, PE, SE, WoodWorks

五星棋牌Ricky McLain is WoodWorks’ in-house expert on tall wood buildings, providing analysis and guidance on architectural, fire and life safety, as well as structural design topics related to tall mass timber projects. With extensive experience in lead engineer roles related to structural design, project management and construction administration, he is the executive director of the Structural Engineers Association of Vermont and an active member of numerous committees and councils related to building design.

Scott Noble, AIA, NCARB, Kaiser Group, Inc.

五星棋牌Scott Noble is an architect at Kaiser Group and Path Architecture and a leader in cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction, with more than 30 years of design and construction management experience. Noble has worked on several mass timber projects, and is currently developing a feasibility study for a 450-foot mass timber tower and is part of an interdisciplinary team seeking to address the challenges of using mass timber in tropical climates.

Scott MacLellan, Gurnet Point

五星棋牌Scott MacLellan is the owner of a self-performing general contracting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the use of project modeling and prefabrication of I-joist floors and walls, he has helped build more than 1.5 million square feet of structures throughout the Bay Area. MacLellan is currently working on a small multi-family apartment building where he has been able to utilize a mixture of mass timber, light-frame prefabricated walls, and cold-formed steel shear components. He was also involved in the erection of the city’s first downtown CLT structure.


五星棋牌Paul Rosta
Executive Editor
Multi-Housing News

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